Fieldnotes – Breathing Kind of Lightly

If you have a chance sometime, I highly recommend you stop by Bill Ohrmann’s museum and gallery, say hi to him and to his wife, Phyllis, and take in – if you can – his sculpture and painting. The Ohrmann place is just a couple of miles out of Drummond, on the road to Phillipsburg – you can’t miss it. (Just keep an eye out for a wooly mammoth or polar bear by the side of the road.)

I called Bill and Phyllis to let them know when the piece was going to air. I got a nice hand-written letter in return.

“That was very kind of you to call and remind us of the time and date of the interview. We got it OK and thanks for making me look good and all that.

We were talking about what you do – all that time, the miles and then the editing which I can only imagine what’s involved in that! Thank you very much.

I was surprised the sound of the water came thru like you said it would. Reminded me of a time I slept beside a good-sized river. The sound of it – quietly flowing over a rocky bottom – was pure music. Never forgot that.

Thanks, Bill O.”

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