Fieldnotes – The Bronc Riding Pianist

I went to Dillon to interview Gay Garard-Brewer, a brilliant pianist and innovative music teacher at The University of Montana, Western. Dr. ‘B’, as her students call her, is a pioneer in the use of a new program that enables her to teach long distance. Using Time Warp and Internet MIDI technologies, Dr. Garard-Brewer can give ‘real time’ lessons to students scattered across Montana, for whom it would be impractical to travel to Dillon. You can find out more about her work here

As an afterthought, I asked Dr. Garard-Brewer if she had any students I might want to interview. The first name off her lips was that of Norb Lorenzen, a rail-thin, unassuming young gentleman from Jefferson City, Montana. As soon as I met Norb, I was struck by his combination of qualities. Not just that he has one foot in the world of rodeo and the other in the world of piano, which is unusual enough; but about the obvious depth of his understanding for both horses and music. As I’m sure you’ll agree, he has a rare ability to speak eloquently about both.